PLATFORM: The Appilistic Clubhouse Database is a Microsoft Access application.

DESIGN: The Appilistic Clubhouse Database has been designed to support the operation of clubhouse model mental health facilities. Accordingly, there are specific modules for personal information, attendance, employment, education, goals and supports. There is also a custom module from which users can access most of the database data and build their own tools.

To accommodate multiple users, the database has been split into front end user interface modules that sit on each user's PC or workstation and a backend data file that resides in a shared network location.

MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: The Clubhouse Database has been designed to operate in a typical clubhouse environment. Use of the database requires an IBM compatible PC running the Microsoft Windows operating system (Windows XP or newer, excluding Home versions) with a properly configured printer. A high speed internet connection is required (DSL or Cable), a full featured version of Microsoft Access 2000 or newer must be installed and 1 GB of free hard drive space is recommended.

Multiple user installations or distributed backup additionally require a minimum of two PC's with file sharing enabled on a local area network (LAN). The second and subsequent computers must also have Microsoft Access installed, however a free runtime version of Access is available which can be used on these machines. Wired networks are recommended over wireless due to their higher data transfer rates.

A true server is nice, but not required.

DELIVERY: Remote access is required to at least one of your computers for delivery. "LogMeIn Pro" is strongly recommended for it's stability, functionality, economy and security. An account for this service can be established for you by Appilistic at no extra charge.

Administrative rights are required for each computer during installation so that proper user permissions can be set, and if necessary, the runtime version of Microsoft Access can be installed.

LICENSE: Your purchase includes a permanent license for unlimited use of the delivered Clubhouse Database software at the purchasing clubhouse. There is no limit to the number of workstations on which you may install The Clubhouse Database, nor on the number of users. A license may not be used or shared by any other clubhouse or clubhouse service location.

PERFORMANCE: Performance may deteriorate under heavy usage depending on the number of simultaneous users and your network design. Wired networks are recommended over wireless due to their higher data transfer rates.

MAINTENANCE AND SUPPORT: Purchase price includes both installation and the first year of maintenance and support (M&S). M&S includes custom configuration, remote training, available software upgrades and telephone technical support. Extended M&S may be purchased, but this does not includes software upgrades unless it is continuous.

LIMITED WARRANTY: At their sole discretion, Appilistic will repair, replace or refund the purchase price for any software product that fails within a period of 90 days after delivery to perform in accordance with Seller's written project proposal (as accepted by Buyer), or, if unavailable, Seller's published product description. Should product failure prove to be the result of a Buyer-initiated alteration, such as program modification (excluding data), moved or deleted files, alteration of configuration, or changes to required links, or should product failure be the result of faulty configuration or setup when these services where not originally contracted to and supplied by Appilistic, repairs will be billed at Appilistic's current published rates.