About Appilistic

Formed in 1998, Appilistic was conceived as a center of programming excellence focused on the technical needs of Internet developers. In 1999, Appilistic discovered Forum House, a clubhouse model mental health facility located in Westfield, Massachusetts, and its focus began to change.

Development of The Clubhouse database (or, Appilistic Database) began in early 2000. This local area network (LAN) based small business tool was developed with the specific needs of a clubhouse in mind. Since 2000, interest in the Appilistic database has grown to the point that it is now the primary focus of Appilistic.

As Appilistic's clubhouse involvement grew, so did its awareness of the employment needs of individuals struggling with mental illness. Appilistic has become a significant employer of Forum House members.

Jeff has extensive experience with many clubhouses, and has won numerous awards.

Who are we? Our employees currently include:

Jeff and Appilistic have been recognized a number of times for their ongoing committment to clubhouses. For details, see the "Awards" info box.