Supports is the work done by staff and peers to assist the member in their social and employment rehabilitation. The Supports Module enables the tracking and reporting of the supports provided to members.


  • General supports
    • Entitlement assistance
    • Housing assistance
    • Legal referrals
    • Medical/dental referrals
    • Substance abuse support meetings
    • Transportation
    • Wellness training
  • Vocational supports
    • Education assistance
    • Job training
    • Job coverage
  • Outreach
    • Home visits
    • Invitations to social events
    • Telephone calls



  • Outreach lists
  • Report generator enables user to define custom reports. Predefined custom reports include:
    • All supports
    • Education supports
    • Employment Supports
  • User editable support types and support details
  • User editable outreach types and details
  • User definable outreach target lists
  • Find and edit supports records:
    • By data entry date
    • By support date
    • By supporting staff