Appilistic's Clubhouse Experience and Awards

The Clubhouse Database has been designed for real world clubhouse model facilities. It is relevant that the database designer, Jeff Lander, has had extensive experience in many clubhouses. He has familiarity with the budgetary restrictions (and resulting system limitations) and with the staff and worker Personal Computer skill levels typical in such facilities. His experience includes the following:

Fall, 1999 to present
Advisory Board Member:
Fall, 2000 to present
Advisory Board Coordinator:
Spring, 2002 to present
Human Resources Unlimited, Inc. Rookie of the Year Employer Award:
June, 2003
Human Resources Unlimited, Inc. Employer of the Year Employer Award:
September, 2006
Massachusetts Clubhouse Coalition Employer Advisory Board:
February, 2007 to present
Human Resources Unlimited, Inc. Armand Tourangeau Volunteer of the Year Award:
April, 2013
Human Resources Unlimited, Inc. Sheldon B. Brooks Employer Lifetime Achievement Award:
October, 2014

As a volunteer, Jeff has conducted yoga, dance and computer training classes. He has configured and maintained one clubhouse's Local Area Network. He has also helped to coordinate social events and has been a speaker at many events. In addition, he has participated socially in many other clubhouse activities. This experience has helped to give Jeff insight into the needs, resources and abilities of clubhouse staff and members.